Library tour in Finland

Town of Tampere
April 12, Metso main Library, 5pm - 8pm

Town of Oulu
April April 19, Oulu main Library, 5pm - 8pm

Town of Vaasa
June 2, Vaasa main Library, 5pm - 8pm

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September 2016
The Power of Silent Wisdom and Healing, Animal Communication and Healing Helsinki and Oulu, Finland

Helsinki 23.9 Workshop, read more:

Oulu 24-25.9 Ilon Valkeat Hyvinvointimessut, read more:
Both days, lecture and workshop

Merry Christmas 2014!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2015
Hyvää Joulua ja Onnellista Uutta Vuotta 2015
God Jul och Gott Nytt År 2015

May your Christmas be blessed and filled with Love, Friends and Family We are sending you all tons of hugs and warm wishes. This year has been an adventure, truly a big adventure! Let 2015 be filled with many new adventures and my wish is that my path crosses as many of you as possible this coming year. We Love you all!!

-Maiccu and Ingela



27-28.7 Skellefteå, Sweden
Animal Communications with Maiccu Kostiainen

3-4.8 Piteå ja Luleå, Sweden
Animal Communications with Maiccu Kostiainen

New Era 2013

Hello all,

I have been really really busy during the last few years. Mainly touring around Finland speaking about Animal Communication and also teaching workshops. The time have finally come to give you some updates about what is going on in my life.

Since we are now starting the New Era, there is no excuse for me anymore not to write also in English. Last updates are from 2010 and time between then and now has been too long.

So that being said, you'll be hearing a lot more from me and some news here below as well!



This year many big dreams will come true!

I will be touring around Europe teaching and speaking about animal communication. My mission is to get animals message out in the world as much as it is humanly possible.

Stay tuned, it will be exciting and the biggest adventure ever!
We will have so much fun together, you dont want to miss this!


Please contact,

Dream of "Farmi" 2013

"The Farm" is a name for a project that have been my dream for years! It is a foundation I am going to start soon. The Farm is going to be a sanctuary for animals rescued from different kinds of situations - animals that don't have a chance and/or a place to survive.

Our mission is to help children, teenagers and elderly people to find a connection with nature and animals again. We are going to take care of both, domestic and agricultural animals also. Our main intention is to heal and care for the animals both physically and mentally.

At the moment we are searching for partners to establish the foundation with and find the perfect place to build the sanctuary - The Farm.

I have been asked what kind of animals are going to be taken into The Farm. They will be the ones that have no other option to survive. We will accommodate all different kinds of animals and our doors will be open to all animals in need of our help.

We are open to all kinds of ideas and suggestions that will help our cause.

September news 2010!

Hey all dear readers, lots of new things is happening and I'm so so happy and greatful for all of them.

The Power of Silent Wisdom is here! We talk about fear with Leyla the horse and with Finnish water snake and also Lilly the pig from The Gentle Barn at LA. You can read the issue here, simply follow the link, THE POWER OF SILENT WISDOM MAGAZINE

I have also started to do regular communications with the animals from the Gentle Barn in California, LA. Please check their page, they are doing absolutely wonderful job and I'm so exited to be doing something for them. This is my way of giving back and it makes me very happy! THE GENTLE BARN

I love you all, please connect with us here, reading the PSW and the new Blog and also in Facebook!



Hello dear readers and friends of Animals Talk! I haven’t been able to write here lately, and it is a bit annoying for me too. Most of you do keep on eye on my doings on Facebook though, as my FB friend or by following Animals Talk Fan Page, so I hope you have some sort of a clue what I have been up to.

I think I said earlier here that I kind of hope that my life calms down a little bit, that I could slow down… hmph… Well, I can tell you one thing: I have come to accept the fact that things are only getting much faster from now on. When you notice, that the brakes are lost somewhere in life, then you just have to learn to live with that situation.

I have made some mental decisions by myself and it feels really good. There is plenty of time for everything that needs my time and all is going well in the end, just like it was planned for me! In this moment also the family is the most important thing, without it everything would just fall apart. If you just manage to organize some quality time with family in the middle of this crazy carousel, to put your feet up and let the bearable lightness of being touch you, you get energy to do all kinds of things. What does it mean literally? Well, it means that we lie on the sofa, watch a movie maybe, dogs lying on our bellies, on the back rest or somewhere nearby. Life is peaceful and we all feel good, that simple recipe is all you need. We all go together to the stable and there is no hurry at all. The best therapy is to drink the morning coffee together, even if it lasts only for an hour, and we make immediate plans and decisions then. When you combine the most simple things in life with the big and more complicated affairs of life, the balance stays. Good food and a glass of wine maybe. Food is one of my favorite subjects and I could talk about it forever. I have found some new things… and yup, it feels good. Just by exploring new things in life and taking an interest in something totally new you exercise your mental abilities. Whatever it is that you are into: art, music, food or something else. We all have our own things.

But back to the fast line.

Many new things have happened. We came back from California few weeks ago and that trip was a miracle trip for us in many ways. We saw and experienced many new things and personally, I achieved the biggest goals so far. We got a chance to see The Ellen Degeneres Show live. To get the tickets for that show has been a long five year plan and now it finally happened. Ellen invited us there personally. The story itself is a long one, but I share this detail with you, so that you would understand that even the most absurd dreams you ever have can come true. I surely have been laughed at when I have said that I will go to meet Ellen some day. Never pay any attention to what other people say, if you have a dream that you nurture in your heart. It will always come true. Remember one thing: nothing will ever happen, if you just sit at home on your sofa, just complaining about the dullness or misery of life. Making your dreams come true is completely another story, and a very dear subject to me personally.

A true highlight of the trip was the meeting with Lisa Williams.
She is one of the most famous mediums and psychics in the world, and she is located in Los Angeles these days. She comes from London but small miracle by miracle she got to the point where her life is at this moment. If you are interested in Lisa, you can visit her website and read more about her. I sent her e-mail in 2009 and, whoa, miraculously she wanted to meet me and asked me to communicate with her both dogs. You can surely imagine, that it was the biggest thing that has ever happened to me. Addition to our meeting together she also invited me to her show at Hay House Radio. And "the rest is history" is all you can say after that! Lisa is one of the most amazing persons and absolutely fabulous. The fact that somebody like her wants to recommend me to her friends and listeners giving me this kind of exposure in media brings a whole new aspect to my work. It brings more customers, true, and my inbox is full of many questions, but it brings also so much more. It means that my webpage is updated in English, new ideas for the book I am working on, I need more time to write for The Power of Silent Wisdom e-magazine and so on and so on.

The big thank you goes for my friends, who are able to keep up with me on the fast line and they help and support me wherever they can. And big thank you and some tummy rubbing goes to all the four-legged family members, who keep me sane and out of being too “control freak”, if I may say so.

In addition to all this, I also would like to thank you, all dear friends, for being so very patient with me. Now I have lots of Finns in my animal communication queue, but there are also people from The US, Spain, from Greece, and so on.
I wish you a wonderful spring, to all of you, and remember to keep your dreams alive!




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Love, Maiccu & Ingela