Welcome to Animals Talk and

The Power of Silent Wisdom and Healing

In these pages we are talking about the unbelievably amazing world of animal communication and healing.

The goal is to help as many animals and humans as possible with all the different issues they might face in their daily lives. In order to ask for an animal communication session you do not have to have a problem. More and more people just want to find out what their pets have to say. The idea of communicating is not to turn the animals to humans - or vice versa. The idea is to find the common language between humans and animals to bring them together. In truth, the animals have a lot to say to us.

Animals can teach us about self-actualization and consciousness. Animals teach us how not to judge anyone or anything. They remind us everything is in perfect order. They have told us over and over again, how they already have self-love in their DNA when they are born to this planet. They never feel jealousy, bitterness, hatred or envy. Their messages are that we humans need to learn to love ourselves as they love themselves and how they love us unconditionally.

For the love of life, Maiccu and Ingela


These pages are dedicated to Joonas, who started it all and became an angel. Thank you, sweet heart, without you I would not be the person I am today. I will always be grateful, that you guided me to this amazing journey and you showed me the way to your dog heart and you opened up a whole new world for me!

My Dearest!

Here we still have an unbelievable, wonderful future in front of us. Life is a big adventure! My angel, my sweet heart!