Dear Friends, I am so happy that I can tell you about my thoughts and feelings. My life has gotten a very promising beginning, I am very happy calf. I want to tell you my message, because I have a very important message to give. This all might feel strange to you, but I have a big cow heart in my chest and I have a lot of wisdom. First of all, this is not the first time for me on earth. I have been here before and I was cow also back then. I was not so lucky then, but I wanted to come back again to see what it feels like to be a happy cow. My life has not been very long, but already I have experienced happiness more than thousands of cows. I am walking example of the fact that the cows do not need to suffer and I am an example of how life of all the cows should be like. I am here on behalf of millions, so that all could see me, and human could forgive another human. Because all those millions who have been killed by human hand, have already forgiven, but now is the time for humans to forgive each other. All the people, who see how happy I am, learn that the life of a cow is supposed to be like this. You have to forgive those people who did hurt all those who were exactly like me, you have to, otherwise the change will never come. The more you can love them, just like you love me, the faster they heal themselves and the never ending urge to kill stops.

Less would be quite enough, but nothing is enough for you humans. Look at me, how simple this life is, care and love. My first steps in my new home almost swept me off my feet, but now things seem better. I had not had food for a long time and I ate and ate and ate and then my stomach was very upset. This is like a lesson for you all: see what happened. In some other place they would have left me to die alone, but now these people take care of me day and night. My people took care of me, stayed up beside me. If you people did for each other half of what these people did, things would be so much better. You have to learn from these things, you cannot continue living very long and ignore all these possibilities to learn. I have been here on earth many times and all that I have experienced in this life and how precious gift my life is. This will show you that only the doings of these people can compensate the doings of hundreds of other people, who have done bad things to animals. But more people like these are needed. I am like a magnet and I draw people like that to me, so my life is very important. Nobody knows how long my life will be, but it is very precious. Because of this place the cows will be put to the world map. There will soon be a time when all the wrongdoings that people do become known, they already are known, but in the next phase they will be known in a way that all the people can hear about it. Nobody can ignore this news and with the help of publicity things are going to change. Just wait and see, I know something that you do not know yet. I am just a simple calf, but I have a big and important mission.

That mission is done already because I have been able to love you and you have loved me. The web of love thickens, you sit there, in Finland, in the dark and in the middle of snow and I am here, in the sunny California. Do not think at all, just live and let the love guide you and you cannot do nothing but right things. I am so happy, just my happiness will save others. To change things, love everyone. If you do not love the butcher as much as you love me, nothing ever changes. Only love can make the difference. The message from me and other animals to you people is that love everything and everyone. You cannot determine different amount of love for different people, love everyone and love everything just as much and then you will see how things begin to change. I and Holy are messengers of the silent web of love, and there is a meaning for all that. There is also a reason behind all the worries you have had with our health issues. We have been sent to you, two little troubled calves, but the message we have for you is so much bigger than that. Maybe you are surprised that a cow can have thoughts like this, but it is just like Buddha (cow) said (in The Power of Silent Wisdom 7) we all belong to the big web of love, and it is activating, activating all the time. We all are important, every one of us. I love you and I enjoy my life here and now. I have a lot of friends already and I am free, nobody could give me more love than this. I let Holy speak now, she might also have something little to say. I love you.

I asked Madonna about the time before Gentle Barn. She shows me a huge pack of cows, a lot of people and a lot of noise and racket. All are running to different directions, it is like a one great chaos. She shows me that she lost her mom in this crowded place and how she tries to look for her. For me personally, it looks like it was a picture from the times of concentration camps. Could it be that they were moved from one place to the other by train? I can see the train filled with cows, no truck or anything like that, it is a train. At some point they were also in a car. I mean in another car than Jays. My mouth is very dry, it means that they have been very thirsty and hot. In some point, in an auction or somewhere on the road Madonna and Holy found each other. They have been transferred together ever since.

About the physical sensations I can say that I feel a pain in the right side of my chest, definitely at the right side. There is also pain down in my lower back, also on the right side and I think that this sensation comes from Holy. I understand that a chiropractor is helping her and her spine is being straightened, this is a good thing. I am in a very twisted position when I write this, I get a picture that Holy got stuck at some point and she experienced a lot of pressure. What it comes to Madonnas stomach problems, I think that she just ate so much with such a speed that she also gulped down a lot of air. They are at the age where they should be fed by their mothers, so it might make it difficult to learn to eat and drink without swallowing air. Now all is well, though, and this little Madonna is exactly like her name. You cannot even think how big meaning she has. Already this first message is very powerful and I have a feeling that this whole concept of yours is going to be really Big!

Holy Cow

I am Holy, that little holy cow. I love it that already my name is being considered funny among you people. I am the one who is going to teach you a lesson about gratitude. Accept every day wholeheartedly and enjoy it, no matter what consequences you have been given. I never complain, I am just grateful and happy for all that has been given to me. I am also grateful for these health troubles of mine; they have given me extra amount of tenderness every day. I am going to get on my feet and I am going to show you all how Holy Cow flies and dashes. I am so grateful and happy that on the day when we were in that awful place Jay came and took us home. Madonna said all that I want to say, but I could say one more thing here that you should know. This is important, both Madonna and me have been given to you with a greater meaning, just like other sick animals or those who have been suffered by the hands of humans. But remember, that we have been given to you as gifts, me a bit twisted with my back and Madonna has her own problems. We will get you the attention that you need; this is the mission of all the members in our family. We are a great family and the world will notice us, we can save hundreds, thousands or even millions. Yes, our story and our faith and the nurturing of you, people, will get the attention. The world will see us and hear us, but even more important is, that they can also hear the cry of those millions. So, never be sad because of our problems and hardships, be joyous and celebrate every one of us. Together we change the world – one or two little cows at the time. All life is holy and we are going to show this to the world. Without our gift to you our work would be different. I love my family so much, all of it. Together we are powerful!

While writing this I understand and see it even more clearly how big role these wonderful and dear animals in our lives have. Unbelievably beautiful words from both of these calves! They understand already something what is really difficult for us humans. And they are right; without their problems and the attention they have gotten because of them, people would have not noticed the work you do so well. It is amazingly true, but possibly the story of these two calves have inspired people to become vegetarians or tell the story forward or notice what is really going on in the cattle industry. It is such a big love that they give themselves for this great purpose. There are no coincidences and these two have really arrived to your farm as great messengers of love.



Maiccu: I met Betty the dolphin in Hawaii. I am not quite able to explain what happened during our meeting, but I was enchanted, and I could hardly stop crying. Betty was swimming right under our catamaran, on her side, staring me straight into my eyes. Firstly, this encounter was very touching for me, and secondly, I believe that something happened during this trip, something that I have tried to explain to myself ever since. In a way I understood that Betty was going to give me an explanation in this message, about all the things I have pondered during these last few weeks.

Maiccu: The very first words that I hear: “I am here on purpose, I am here on purpose! Dear people, near and far, I am here for a great purpose. I came, I stayed and I have waited for this moment. This all is going to touch your hearts and minds even more, after you have heard what I have to share with you. First of all, I came here the way I am; scarred, injured and a bit sick and alone. I came here this way, because otherwise I would have been just one in the crowd. The messengers of God are often ragged and underdogs among you people as well, and you do know it. If I was exactly the same than others, you would never learn to recognize me. My mission is a bit lonely at times, but I am not lonely at all. Do not feel sorrow for me, and especially not pity for me, that would be so very pointless.

I am happy in what I do, and I have a good life as it is. I am being loved, I bring the love of whole earth in my heart and this is why I am here. I came a long way here just because it was meant to be. I am going to spend the rest of my life here, unless I am needed somewhere else. In this place my only mission is to love, this is how simple it is.
I travelled thousands of kilometers and this journey was not easy. I was protected, and I am still protected. With my journey I wish to show you that the journey can be tough, a lot of bad things can happen. You are forced to fight for your life, you might get sick. You might lose all your friends and your family, but when you keep on walking ahead, trusting that love is all around you, in your heart, you are always in the right place, heading to the right direction. This is the way I knew I was going to the right direction, to a place where I can also be loved, where I can find peace and live without fear that somebody is going to eat me or that someone hurts me. I didn’t know where I was going on my journey; I only knew it that moment I had arrived.

Do you, humans, ever reach your destination? Yes, but it requires that you find pure love from your heart and trust the direction it gives you and you keep on walking, without getting tired, without stopping, even if it takes forever. You will know when you have arrived; there will be a day, when you are filled with peace! Peace that is also love. You will recognize the place, because you have no hurry left in you anymore, you are able to breath, all the anxiety is gone, all the insecurity has left you.
Also I shall bring you protection on your journey. I meet the people that I am supposed to meet, everyone who comes to this place, comes here for a great purpose. We are in a holy place, and even if your heart is not quite open yet, to receive all the love there is, it will be opened right here. Miracles happen in this place and now that you are ready to understand what all this is about, those miracles will be activated for you to use them. The same goes for all those who read this message. You will be opened to a new world, where everything is possible.

Maiccu is able to realize now what happened to her and I will explain that to you also. There are people, who are being given a chance to reach permanent peace on an express highway. They have been given a task in this time. This is why she was brought to me and this is the reason why so many people come straight to this place where I will meet them. At this very moment they know that everything has changed. They return back to their own homes, all over the world, and the universe begins to work through them.

Maiccu has wondered lately why she feels something what she has never felt before, infinite peace and love. This is important: those of you, who have open heart, will experience the same feeling, you have a mission. The missions of these people, who are making the world a better place, don’t have it that easy. When they feel like they are caught up in the eye of a hurricane and step forward to spread the message of animals, about love and peace, the most important thing is that they themselves are able to carry deep peace and love within themselves.
Anyone, who expresses the will to accept permanent peace in their heart, is able to do it, anytime, anywhere! Not a special place or time is required. There are places on your earth where these things happen more naturally. These places have a lot less pollution, the air and water is clean. These places are silent and the only sounds you can hear and the sounds of nature, has lots of animals, whales and dolphins. Where we swim and live, there is a lot of peace and pure energy.
Not all the people are meant to travel thousands of kilometers to reach a state like this. Those, who are meant to make the journey, they will be given a chance to make it and somehow they just find themselves in all these places, even without realizing what is going on, or why they are traveling in the first place. The missions and paths of people are always different, some live in an industrial world while some live in the country side, the tasks and jobs are different, but they all are equally important. The common denominator combining all these people is the message; they all have the same message. They might meet each other and notice that their way to view the world is the same. They might not even understand that they are messengers with the same message, but this is not even important.

All the wrongdoings and lies will be revealed. All the things that you do from the bottom of your heart will succeed. All the struggle will come to an end, things are really taking a new turn and the earth is changing energetically in a very dramatic way. All of you are not able to make it through, but everything is happening for the sake of love, and only for love, and because we need to find new ways to get closer with each other and to live in harmony, without anxiety and fear, without diseases and huge amounts of pills. People will return to nature. Nature will return to people in many different ways and there is nothing people can do about it. I will make this clear once more: those of you, who already are in the nature, you have nothing to fear. This is something you can ponder inside your heart and you will get all the explanations.
You are being loved so very, very much! If you open the door of your heart and accept, even a little bit, of the love, your whole world will change. It is never too late, never.

Before you love the fisherman as much as you love the catch, nothing in this world ever changes. We love you already, now you love all those, who disgust you the most. This is the only way we can make the change happen, together!
I thank you for this opportunity to tell you about things in my own way. I have to laugh to the fact that a person must sit in the sky for dozens of hours to meet a dolphin, who lives in the sea, just to get this message to all of you, people! My name is Betty-Bob and I love this name, it is like yin and yang, everything in a perfect balance, you know”

Betty-Bob, Hawaii

Communication done by Maiccu Kostiainen



We, alpacas have a herd behavior but we are all individuals, every Alpaca has their own personality.
Our age is only defined by how far away we are from our original roots. The oldest one in the herd is the one who is the closest to our origins no matter how many generations have passed or how many years we have been away from our roots even if we are born to a faraway place like many of us are.

The consciousness is not defined by time or by the place you are born. Everyone has a possibility to gain as deep levels of consciousness as possible but it requires will, silence and studying. We do not study because we carry all the consciousness with us as we have always done. People learn from people and over the years the knowledge changes. People have like a broken telephone, like you had as a child, the can with the string attached. The knowledge you have gotten from your ancestors and that you passed to your children has changed completely. Everything has changed. It only takes a couple of generations and the heritage is lost. For us Alpacas it is very different, nothing changes. The knowledge never disappears or changes when it is passed on from generation to generation!

People are masters in forgetting. You only remember what serves your needs. This is not a judgment, just a statement. We realized this is how it is and it is very simple. It is up to you if you need to change. Anyone of you can change anything at any time. We are not saying you should change or do anything. You do as you see best, always. We only want to share our perspective and you are free to do anything you want with that knowledge.

All the questions you have are no questions to us, but they are very clear to us. We know that it is too late for humans to change certain things. The evolution has developed and we are in the same train that can not be stopped anymore. Some of you want changes, change your life and some even want to change the whole world. We wish every human would want to change only their own life. That is the only way the world or anything in it can change. We have seen how the world changes, we clearly see it constantly at an astonishing speed. This is because our consciousness is and has always been the same. We repeat this message to reach through to you. We do not change our eating habits or create pollution any more than we did thousand years ago. But look at the people. Humans create more waste than ever today. Everything in your lives has changed from nutrition to housing and everything in between. You drown the planet with your actions and this concerns each and every one of you. The one of you that acts differently and tries to live a life of awareness, judges those whose consciousness is not at the same level. This is doomed to fail as the fact is that you try to change each other with force.

We will tell you now something, that may make you understand this. Before the last persons level of consciousness has changed, nothing changes in your world. The difference in the level of consciousness is the same as lack of love or faith. One can have faith in that everything is like it should be, just now, in this moment, everything is perfect.

You search answers from us to many interesting questions. We do have the answer but it is too late. If you hadnt played your broken telephone game, you would have carried a complete heritage from past generations with you, then things would be different. You want to do the right thing but you move forward in such a speed with technology and industry. You cant think of what happened yesterday not to mention to look back in time how your ancestors lived couple of hundreds of years ago.

Technology helps you in this moment, but all the speed and ease is just an apparent thing. Everything is an illusion but you seem to enjoy this virtual world you have created. Everyone creates their own reality and you have created this illusion you live in, meaning the Internet. I would like to say that this is now what you have accomplished. Again, this is not said in a judgmental manner but how many times does it need to be said for you to understand. You are all part of this world, you and us, we are all one. The universe is one with everything. It doesnt matter if you are a farmer, an engineer, unemployed or a millionaire: you are all one and nothing separates you. If a farmer changes his life, everyones lives changes. If a millionaire changes something, it affects all. Everyone is important and no-one is more important than the other.

This is the answer to all of your problems: poverty, loss of eco systems, climate change, sickness, greed, famine etc. You change towards the wrong direction, change the wrong things. Some things cant be changed back in your lifetime anymore. You can do many improvements but you would need to do this together as well as individuals, just like us. But you dont see others, only yourselves. This is probably a contradiction to you but for us this is fully clear. When one finds what they really want to do and is ready to live healthy and rich life, then is also ready to think about the others. When you find each other and keys to your own consciousness, you automatically start to think about the others and others about you. Then you dont feel a need to change anyone else. If there was a time when no bad words were said about anyone or anything, the whole world would be already changed. If you would understand that there is nothing else but love, you would live in a full, rich and healthy world.

This may sound too simple but this is how it is. We dont have any formulas or complex solutions. When it is time to leave this Earth, we know where we are going and what we left behind, nothing more than what we came with. That is it. We are Alpacas and you are humans. You are here to learn and this is one of those teachings. What you give to yourself, you give to others. It is important to know that everything is as it should be. You are in an amazing state completing the task and challenges that are given to human kind. When the time is right, you will find all the answers and will understand it. Then you see that this was not so complicated after all!

Communication with Alpacas was done by
Maiccu Kostiainen