<b> Ingela Nicklas </b>

Reiki Master
Breathwork practitioner
Certified Massage Therapist
Crisis Counselor
Animal Communicator

English language teacher
Swedish language teacher

Languages: English, Swedish, Finnish, Norwegian and some Spanish

<b> </b>

Ingela is a holistic professional, speaker, teacher, healer and animal communicator. She is the creator and teacher of The Power of Silent Healing.
Ingela is originally from Sweden, but she has lived abroad most of her life in lots of different places and cultures. She has worked for many multinational corporations and later on in private health clinics. After excruciating life changing events, losing two children within a week, Ingela decided to walk her own path, follow her own passion and not the normal stream. Ingela’s touching life story and strength has helped and inspired people everywhere she speaks and teaches.
Many years Ingela has studied health, body and mind and then decided to follow the teachings of energies and healing, she has now been a Reiki Master for 15 years, she is also a Certified Massage Therapist and Crisis counselor.
Ingela speaks English, Swedish, Finnish, Norwegian and some Spanish.
Now Ingela teaches The Power of Silent Healing, a gentle silent way of energy healing approach that suites everyone, animals and humans.