Join us in Costa Rica March 10 - 17, 2019 at Rythmia, an all-inclusive resort, for our workshop THE POWER OF SILENT WISDOM AND HEALING.

During this workshop we will delve deep into the importance of animals and their healing powers. You will learn about animals profound messages to us humans and you will discover how to understand their magnificent silent language. Animal communication is just like a different language and just as we learn to speak different languages in school, we can also learn to talk with animals and nature.

For details call 866.329.2474 or visit
@Rythmia Life Advancement Center is an all-inclusive resort located in Costa Rica. Their pricing starts at $299* per night per person, and includes:

- Plant Medicine Ceremonies
- Life Transformation by Michael Bernard Beckwith
- Yoga and Breathwork
- Truthenomics manifestation program by Gerard Powell
- Farm-to-table organic locally grown food
- Fresh Juices
- Life Coaching
- Licensed psychological counselors
- Licensed naturopathic assistance
- Massage
- Day spa
- Costa Rican volcanic mud baths
- The Dead Sea Cleanse colon hydrotherapy treatment
- Meditation instruction
- Resort style pool
- Local beaches
- Bicycling

Price does not include resort surcharge, pricing is per night per person