What is silent healing?

The Power of Silent Healing is a gentle silent way of energy healing approach that suites everyone, animals and humans. This is the healing we all have in us, from nature to animals and of course us humans.

Healing has been around for many thousands of years if not more, my belief is that healing powers is part of this world and our big universe, and we can all learn to use it.

Unfortunately we have been programmed already from childhood on what we can do and not do. So our knowledge and knowing how to use healing and energy has been pushed deep down inside. It has kind of had to take the backseat, so to speak, the big thing now in our lifetime is to start bringing it to the front seat instead.

We all have this ability, but most of us have forgotten about it:

· How do we recognize it?

· How do we tap into it?

· How do we use it?