I got to know Maiccu and Ingela in their Animal Communication and Healing Master Class.
Maiccu is an inspiring teacher with great knowledge of animal communication. She has devoted her life to speak for those who doesn´t have a voice. Not only is she passionate teacher, she also has a very warm heart and is a genuine animal medium. Maiccu wants everyone to understand that people and animal can live in peace, side by side.
Ingela is an amazing healer and teacher. Her healing skills are powerful and the healing takes place both on physical and emotional level. She is a person with a big heart and wants the best for everybody. She truly understands the nature of energy, and that makes her a very unique teacher of healing.
I am very pleased I got to know these two amazing and beautiful women. They have taught me so much.
–Merja Laukkanen, Master student, Finland

I first heard about Maiccu about 5 years ago while she was being interviewed at Hay House Radio. She has done several readings for me, my family and friends. I always found her very accurate and her readings have really helped solving behavioural issues with my pets.
- Caroline Le Cann, Dubai

The readings Maiccu did for both my horses and one cat, provided verifiable information, as well as insightful communications, that have proven to be useful and beneficial for both me and the animals. I have recommended her to several friends and all of them were amazed and pleased with her abilities to connect and converse with their beloved pets.
- Denise LaCroix Fl USA

Animal communicator named Maiccu Kostiainen from Finland – is one of the most dynamic animal people I’ve ever met. Maiccu is a huge proponent of force-free training and is committed to providing her local Finnish people with as much info as she can.
– Victoria Stilwell, Animal Planet TV-show: It’s Me or The Dog