Animal Communication, What it is?

It is kind of a different language. Just as we learn to speak new English in school, we can also learn to talk with animals.

Animals do not speak literally, but they are sending different sensations, which can be interpreted to words and pictures. If animal is sick or having pains, a person can feel pain as well in his/her body in the ”same” spot.

Animals are very good at sensing what people think and feel, depending on how intensively those thoughts and feelings are focused on them. So it is possible for person to send messages to animal, in sensations or in thoughts. For example, if you are going to leave the house and the animal is experiencing separation anxiety, you can send him mental image showing you when you come back home. Then the animal understands, that you are not leaving him for good and you are actually coming back.

Frankly, many people think that animal communication is quite weird business, or at least they do not believe that it might actually work. In the end, it is all about the sixth sense, intuition. We all have it anyway, we use it every day, but we are just not being aware of it. Inexplicable things happen to all. How did I know, that my child was ill, even when I was at work? How I knew to call home just when they needed me, even when I was on vacation in Greece? How did you know to call me, after I thought so much about you just yesterday? These are very common situations in life. The animals are not exception by any means. You have surely sometimes heard somebody say, or you thought it for yourself: ”That dog must be reading my thoughts.” That’s the way it goes.

The animals can read our body language, hear our words and feel our most intense thoughts. Many times people ask why they are not able to get messages from their animals. That’s only because our heads are way too full of all the daily routines. A person thinks about 60 000 thoughts a day and when the animal tries to tell you something your ”lines are busy”.

The ability to communicate is an innate ability in all of us, you just have to activate it. You can practice it and it can be really fun. You can do test with your own dog, when you are on the sofa, watching TV, start to think intensively about a sausage in the fridge. Soon the dog starts to drool and before you notice he is waiting for you in front of the fridge. That’s how simple it is. The distance is insignificant, when you get better in communicating, you can tune to your animal at any time of the day, even when you are out of the city.

Animal communication helps person to understand her/his animal better. It is important to understand that the animal has feelings too. The animal does not talk human language, that’s why it makes no difference if Finnish speaking animal communicator connects with a dog in France. Animal communicator receives sensations, mental images and also thoughts, which are being translated to words; that may of course sound like they were talking the same language, but animal communicator is an interpreter between a person and the animal.

Animal communication can help in many problematic situations. The problem may not be solved immediately, but at least the reason behind it can be found out. The animal will understand what is going on and why. People often send mixed messages to their animals with their body language or by talking. Many misunderstandings can be solved by animal communication. People do send messages to animals all the time, so you should be careful what to say or think, because animals understand a lot.

Usually the direction of communication is from animal to person, but animal communicator can also send message from person to animal, but believe me, it has already gotten the message, if you have said it aloud. Many times people just want to send them love, but love is also something you have already sent the animal. It knows. Animal communication can give a lot of consolation if you have lost your pet, or if your pet is ill, or it is just old and getting ready to leave its body.

All things in The Universe are made of energy, and this energy vibrates, it has been proven by science. Also thoughts and feelings are vibrating energy. Just as we are able to sense the energies of our closest friends and family, both positive or negative vibrations, we are also able to sense what the animals feel and think. If Animal Kingdom could send us one message, it would be this: ”Love yourselves as we love you, unconditionally!”