About Maiccu

Maiccu is a worldwide known animal communicator. She has clients from all over the world. She's worked with Lisa Williams, International Psychic Medium and Victoria Stilwell dog trainer and the star of Animal Planet's hit TV series "It's me or the dog".

Maiccu's clientele also includes lots of animals from The Gentle Barn in LA, like Ellen Degeneres's cows Holy and Madonna. People from all walks of life and different backgrounds attend her workshops. Attendees have been from dog trainers to hunters as well as people from farming industry and of course the pet owners. Common thing between all these people is that they want to make the world better for our companion animals, wild animals and nature and understand animals more deepened way.

"Animal communicator named Maiccu Kostiainen from Finland" is one of the most dynamic animal people I've ever met. Maiccu is a huge proponent of force-free training and is committed to providing her local Finnish people with as much info as she can" – Victoria Stilwell, Animal Planet TV-show: It's Me or The Dog
Some history!

The history of this company goes back to year 2002, when I had to let go of my dear dog Joonas, when he suddenly got very ill. Joonas was meant to come to my life to tell me about these things and as sad as it was to let him go, I have learned to understand the true meaning of his short life.

As Joonas left me, I consoled myself by looking for all possible information about the life after death, especially when it comes to animals. The strong presence of Joonas was felt all the time... and I can still feel him! I was guided to places I was supposed to see and I always found, magically, all the right information for me.

I have read many books about animal communication and I have attended a workshop, waiting and hoping to find this ability inside me, since we all have this ability inside us, we are just not conscious of it.

After many colourful phases I found more information and I met the right people, who had this ability. One night, for some reason, I had a strong urge to try it for myself, and so I did. Many people might think it is just crazy, but the first message that ever came to me was from Joonas, who was on the other side...

The greatest adventure started on that day and it still continues! You can communicate with animals on many different levels. Some people see mental images, others can hear words. I get the messages in various ways, both in pictures and also sensations, which I aim to interpret to my client as clearly as possible.

The journey is just beginning, but I have already been able to give a lot of joy and good spirit to many people, bringing them messages from their animal friends, both living and those in spirit.

Joonas was my best friend and my biggest teacher and he left me too soon. It affected my life more than I was able to believe myself! Today Joonas is back, he lived in the same house with our pack, his name is Hannes he was my ”Colorful Cotton”.

In the picture on the right you can see Maiccu and Hannes.