How did it feel, when you first time got connected to an animal and you just knew in your heart that this is it, I am not imagining it. This is genuine information...?

It felt like a whole new world opened up for me. I felt incredible joy and wonder; is this what it is? I didn't believe it was for real and that I just made it up in my own head..

The information I get from my clients, after the communication, that confirms what I got, still fills me with joy, warms my heart andamazes me. I actually did my first animal communications with the pets of my closest friends, and that was really fun. Many times we laughed when animal suddenly revealed something new from its person. Overall, animal communication has been my highway to unconditional love. There is usually too much information involved in spiritual things and too many different teachers. It is difficult to find the right one for you, and sometimes you get lost from your own unique path and purpose in life. It's different with animals: they never pretend to be something else and the information is unfiltered, it is genuine, just the way it should be. When I get the connection to an animal, and it starts to tell me about its life, emotions and so on, I know this ismy purpose in life and everything else disappears.

You probably see animals who have been abused. How do you keep your heart in one peace?

Yes, sometimes I do. I might meet a customer whose animal has been abandoned, for example at the kennel, and now s/he wants to know what has happened in the "previous" life. These moments are filled with lots of love and forgiveness, forgiveness for all that is in the past. What this work has showed me, is that the tears never end... (We havea dog at home, Alexa, who is a rescue dog from a kennel in Spain. Ihave never met animal more grateful than it is.) Maybe in my case, the biggest sorrow I feel is in those cases, when a person contacts me after the pet at home has started to act in an unusual way and asks "What's wrong?" -- Because in many cases people do not understand,that they are the one and only reason to trigger the anxious behavior.-- This can happen, for example, during a divorce, or during some other major events in life, when the animals are totally ignored and nobody tells them what is going on. Luckily, most people are willing to change their habits and their own behavior, and they are actually glad that this kind of things come up. I have promised myself to be as straight as possible with people. If they want to know what the animal is saying, that is what they will get. Honesty and the will to help animals to get their message through to their humans is the thing that keeps my heart in one piece. I do my best and I never leave my customers alone after the communication. I am ready and willing to answer any questions that may rise after the consultation and so on. Ihave a good network of empathic professionals, who are specialized to solve various kinds of behavioral problems, if the communication alone does not help.

What is animal communication?

I have a long answer to this question on my web page in section ANIMAL COMMUNICATION. To me animal communication has always been about intuitive feelings. I want to describe these feelings to people as clearly as possible, so that they know what is going on. Every time I "translate" communication session, I try to think, that the person, who I talk with, does not understand the process, so that I remember to be as clear as possible... No words like psychic or medium when it comes to me. I don't even want to use the word telepathy, because it does not make sense at all to an averidge animal loving person, like most of my customers are.

How did you become an animal communicator?

That was a process that started when Joonas (my first dog) died. It was very dear to me and we were like twins, going together everywhere. Joonas died suddenly, at the age of 5, at the same weekend, when he had his 5th birthday. It was never really certain what the disease was, but he had had it for quite a while, until the symptoms appeared, and it ended his life. The sorrow that followed teached me more about life than anything else, ever. Regarding all the other losses I've had in life after that, they have been easier to understand, it has been easier to move on.

I do know in my heart, that Joonas went away to show me the way to animal communication. Nobody can prove that, and some people might say that I am crazy to think so. But one thing that shows this to be true, is the fact, that without the death of Joonas, I never would have started to explore all these fascinating things! I found so much information about animal communication and this new, amazing, world gave me a lot of comfort when my sorrow was so deep.

I read and studied by myself, attended a workshop and started to practice. I was very confident, that I can do this, that I am able to learn to communicate with animals, because somebody else has done the same thing before me.

Some things from my childhood have a whole new meaning to me now. The fact that animals were very important to me as a child, just as they are important to me now, today. I remember times in my life, when I have "cried after dogs", knowing, that my life situation just does not allow me to have a dog. But life took a turn, it was almost like it was written in a magical manuscript, and here we go. Every day, every customer, every animal in my life teaches me something new.